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What is the Western Regional Wellness Coalition (WRWC) Network?


A network ties things together. It connects two or more people, organizations, communities together so they have the ability to communicate with each other and they can share information and resources. The Western Regional Wellness Coalition Network is established to help people in the Western Region connect with each other so that we can all work together and help each other in all aspects of wellness. Together, we can improve the well-being of all the people in our region and build stronger communities.


Developing partnerships with individuals, families, organizations, and agencies in our region is an important part of the work of the WRWC. Our members contribute greatly with information, ideas, thoughts and feedback. We want to hear from you, so that we know what issues affect our region.


What does it mean to be a member of the WRWC Network?


  • It means you can learn what other communities are doing in the area of wellness. The network provides you the opportunity to connect with those communities so you can learn how to bring wellness activities, programs or events into your community.
  • It means you can advertise your own community events on our website and in our newsletter
  • It means you will be notified of different wellness events that are happening in your region
  • It means you will have access to a database of many wellness resources
  • It means you can learn about the many worthwhile programs offered by the WRWC such as Ticker Tom, Born a Non-Smoker and the Story of Smoke Free. You can bring these programs into your community and the WRWC will help you get started!
  • It means you can develop knowledge and skills to help you address the many aspects of wellness and bring this information to your community.


Become a Member of the WRWC and work with us to build a safe, healthy and strong Western Region!



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