Community and School Grants Programs



The Western Regional Wellness Coalition (WRWC) is dedicated to the promotion of healthy living and wellness to all people in the western region of Newfoundland and Labrador. The purpose of the grant program is to support community involvement and action to promote wellness.


All individuals, community groups, organizations and schools, in the western region, who are interested in promoting wellness, are eligible to apply for project funding through the WRWC. If you are planning an activity, an event or a project that focuses on one or more of the priority areas, you may be eligible to apply for a community or school grant. To receive funding, the activity, event or project MUST be consistent with the objectives of the WRWC in promoting wellness and focusing on the 8 priority areas.   







Community Grants:





Community groups within the geographical boundaries of the WRWC can apply. The maximum amount of funding that may be requested for a community event is $1000.

Deadlines: Received by 4:30 PM -April 30, Sept 30 and Jan 30


  Community Grant Guidelines and Application Fillable PDF


Sample Community Grants:

 SAMPLE Community Grant Application- Community Kitchen.docx (117.90 kb)

 SAMPLE Community Grant Application- Skating.docx (117.79 kb)




      School Grants:



Schools within the Western School District that are located between Port aux Basques and Bartlett's Harbour - any teacher, student, principal or parent interested in promoting wellness may apply.  The maximum amount of funding that may be requested for a school event is $1000. Schools are eligible for only one grant per year.

Deadlines:   Received by 4:30 PM - November 1 and February 1 of the school year



          School Grant Guidelines and Application Fillable PDF


            School Grant Guidelines and Application Regular PDF



  School Grants Awarded

Sample School Grant Application  
SAMPLE School Grant Application FINAL.docx (102.72 kb)
Please note: community groups cannot apply for school grants and schools cannot apply for community grants.


Food purchased through WRWC grants must follow the WRWC Nutrition Guidelines. Please see attachment: 

Nutrition Guidelines